Feed the world–and your vocabulary

If you don’t yet know about FreeRice.com, you need to check it out. A sister site to Poverty.com, it’s an addictive online game that is somewhat reminiscent of the SAT vocabulary section–without the No. 2 pencil and all the bubbles.

Up pops a word and four choices of possible definitions. A correct answer earns a donation of 20 grains of rice to the U.N. World Food Program. And so it begins, with a seemingly endless string of words, many of which seem to come right out of Webster’s unabridged. Right or wrong, you can keep playing until your brain gets tired.

The game offers various vocabulary levels so you can keep it challenging.

Online since October 2007, the site has so far sent 24,226,462,090 grains of rice to the food program.

USA Today summed it up well: “Feeling guilty about wasting time on computer solitaire? Join the growing guilt-free multitude at FreeRice.com, an online game with redeeming social value.”


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